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Santini AW21 Wind-Proof Water Resistant Leg Warmers


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Santini AW21 Wind-proof water resistant leg warmers.

As important as it is to protect your core and cover your legs in Winter, you’re still vulnerable to performance-sapping exposure at the head, hands, and feet. Our accessory line brings you options to lock in protection at all three places.

We offer gloves in different degrees of insulation and protection, under-helmet caps to protect your head, and shoe covers to keep your feet dry, warm, and out of the wind.

Every accessory is engineered to empower you to ride in lessthan-ideal conditions. Add Santini baselayers to your wardrobe, and you’ll be ready to take on any wet, chilly, or dark winter training ride.

Perfect as a complement to your mid season kit, these leg warmers are the ultimate combination of thermal insulation and protection form the elements.

Made with POLARTEC®’s Power Shield Pro, they are water and wind proof while remaining light and breathable.




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    santani aw21

    Santini AW21 Wind-Proof Water Resistant Leg Warmers