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At SILENCE they've have carried out an exhaustive study with batteries with more than 400 charge and discharge cycles, which they manufacture and develop in their Molins de Rei production plant where they check the maintenance status of their products. With the participation of different clients who work in delivery and have their S02 and S03 e-scooters operating all day, the case studies are completely real. Thanks to all these reviews and studies, they have been able to see how there is NO deterioration after long use of the batteries. A full guarantee of quality!

Silence UK Product Range

Long life for Silence Battery Packs

At the beginning of 2015, Silence launched the S02 electric scooter, designed for the delivery of small goods, as well as transportation for companies and their workers around the city. After three years, the first e-scooters for delivery and take-away companies have begun to cross the 40,000-km barrier. A considerable figure and perfect for studying, and evaluating all the kilometres travelled day by day, and the state of the batteries.

The R&D department at Silence has carried out laboratory cycle tests of both the charge and discharge cycles of several batteries. The results show that the average energy capacity of Silence batteries after 40,000 km is estimated to be 97 %, with a minimum variation that does not affect batteries performance. This average data shows that the management of the BMS (Battery Management System) developed by Silence is of maximum efficiency.

Silence App - Connectivity Features:

Find your scooter

With the app, you’ll know where your S01 Silence electric scooter is all the time.

Open the seat automatically

Under the seat there is a safety lever to release or latch the battery.

Plan your route

Put your destination into the app and it will create the best route, giving you information on estimated time and miles, to make sure the battery charge is optimal to get you where you’re going.

Keep an eye on your silence at all times

Switch your S01 on and off with the app: – Remotely, by pressing the centre button. – soon: Power by shake. You can switch the scooter on by shaking the mobile with the APP open in front of the scooter

Check the status of your scooter and battery

You can see the SoC (state of charge) for your battery and get alerts on the temperature of the vehicle and other important elements, any time.

Find out your carbon footprint

You’ll get statistics on the CO2 saved on each of your journeys.

Silence Rides Into THe UK

Two-wheel transportation is on the rise in Britain and it’s undergoing an electric revolution. 

This growth is due to shifts in consumer attitudes and regulation, particularly in urban areas. More and more individual commuters want to avoid the cost, congestion and environmental impact of travelling by car. And local authorities are introducing Clean Air Zones, car-free areas and other measures to improve urban air quality.

And of course, the year 2020 changed a lot about how we work. Wary urban travellers are looking to stay away from the packed bus or train.

All this is accelerating demand for smaller, affordable electric vehicles. Silence meets that demand head-on, with the latest in EV design and technology, backed by a leading manufacturer. 

Silence UK is a new venture formed to bring the all-electric smart motor scooter to UK travellers and businesses. Founded by four British business leaders, combining automotive, retail and technology expertise, Silence UK will extend the Barcelona-based Silence brand into the rapidly expanding UK electric two-wheel market.

A European Brand

Silence was born in Barcelona and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of two and three-wheel electric vehicles as well as their batteries. Led by founder and CEO Carlos Sotelo, it is the biggest specialist EV manufacturer in Europe and the only electric motorcycle manufacturer in the region to manufacture its own batteries. Silence has a factory in Molins de Rei, Sant Boi and an R&D Center in Esplugues de Llobregat.

Great For Fleets

Being tailored for business, Silence models are available with a wide range of accessories, including cavernous storage boxes and windscreens. And peace of mind comes with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty of two years on the e-moto scooter and three years on the battery plus two-year AA UK roadside assistance cover. The Silence recipe was developed first on the streets of Barcelona in 2012 with e-moto scooters now in service in 25 countries around Europe. Our 165-strong team produce 10,000 scooters per year in our Barcelona assembly plant.

What makes Silence special?


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We supply the UK with Silence Scooters this means we won’t just sell you a bike, we’ll be able to assist with an expert aftersales service should you have any further questions or issues during the lifetime of your vehicle. Pop down for a test ride today!

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