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Silence S01 Connected


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The flagship of the Silence range is the S01 Connected

with a maximum power of 9kw and a limited speed of 62mph making it an L3e or 125cc equivalent from a licensing perspective.

This range is achieved through its 5.6kwh 51v 40KG battery that has a unique integrated trolley-based system that slides out under the bike as its removed.

Silence S01 Connected Battery


While the S01’s 5.6kWh battery pack can be charged in situ, all it takes is a quick pull of a lever under the seat to decouple the battery from the bike. It then slides out the left-hand side of the bike, revealing a couple of wheels and a telescopic handle, which allow you to pull it around like a small suitcase.

It is a genius piece of design that we reckon is truly game-changing for buyers that live in apartments, and/or those who don’t have access to off-street charging.

The battery takes between 6 to 8 hours to charge from flat and without it loaded, the bike weighs 111KG and is 2m in length. Due to its unique battery design, there is space under the seat for two full faced helmets eliminating the need in most cases for a Top Box (although one can be fitted if required).

Silence S01 Connected Power

The S01 comes standard with a combined braking system (CBS) on its 15″ front wheel and 14″ rear where the brushless hub motor resides and comes with Pirelli tyres as standard.

It has 3 forward Driving modes plus a reverse gear:-

ECO: In Eco mode the S01 can still achieve 43mph.

CITY: The S01 is designed for getting around the City. It has limited speed of 53mph, giving the vehicle a good level of performance and consumption.

SPORT: In Sport mode the driving reaches 62mph, offering greater strength and speed.

Regardless of whether this is your first scooter or you’re moving over to the S01 from a traditional 125cc petrol scooter, you’ll be pleased to know that it is totally unintimidating to ride. There’s no clutch or gear lever to worry about – to start, you simply squeeze the left brake lever, select a mode and ride away.

Silence S01 Connected Power Emoped
Silence S01 Connected Speed

Our Take on the Speed & Performance

There are three riding modes available: Eco, City or Sport. We found City to be perfectly judged for inner-city riding – with just a twist of the throttle you can scoot away from Uber drivers at the lights – while Sport will help you achieve a top speed of 62mph. It’s worth noting, however, that riding flat-out in Sport mode has a massive impact on range. You should be able to tease out around 70-miles (Silence claims an official range of 85-miles) when riding around town but on faster roads that can drop to below 40 miles.

Now, if 62mph sounds rather quick for an electric scooter, let us put your mind to rest. With its relatively long wheelbase and a low centre of gravity (thanks to that underslung battery), the S01 feels very stable at higher speeds. And while it can be a little slow to change direction (something we suspect is down to the unsprung weight of that hub-mounted motor) it’s far from unwieldy.

s01 Connected Features

Further innovation can be found towards the back of the bike, where you’ll find that Silence has managed to mount a 9kW (or 12bhp, the cut-off for competitive 125cc petrol models legal for L-platers or new riders with first-stage A1 licences) brushless electric drive motor within the 14in rear wheel. This set-up not only protects the motor from the elements, but it also leaves room for two full-face helmets to be locked under the dual seat.

Other features include a USB port, side and cente stand and an app to track the bike and its routes. Optional Items include a large front screen and a rack for a top box.

It also has an app with features such as Find Your Scooter, Open the Seat, Check the status of your Battery, Turn on and off the bike

It benefits from the OZEV Grant providing 2 years of warranty on the bike and 3 years on the battery and all Silence bikes have 2 year AA Cover included as standard.

Silence S01 Connected Features
Silence S01 Connected Mobile App

Mobile App Connected

The Silence S01 Connected comes with a mobile app that is available for both Apple and Android that allows you to review your charging status, your journey history and the current location of the bike – handy if your bike gets pinched. You can even unlock your bike using your phone, a bit like a Tesla.

Cost Effective Runner

The Silence S01 Connected excels when looking at the running costs and ease of use.

Maintenance costs are almost nonexistent (a service might require a fluid change and general lookover); electricity costs work out to be as little as 1p a mile and it’s far harder to steal than a petrol bike as you can remove the battery when you park up.

We also suspect many owners will get great satisfaction from knowing that they’re not contributing to atmospheric pollution.

Silence S01 Connected Cost Effective

How to Remove & Charge the Battery

Trolley 1

1. Open the seat using the APP, the key or squeezing both brake levers at the same time

Trolley 8 1

2. Pull the lever

Trolley 8 1

3. Remove the Power Battery Pack (PBP) with the handle folded in by pulling it ou

Trolley 4

4. Transport the PBP

Trolley 5

5. Connect the battery to any socket

Trolley 6

6. Once charged, unplug it

Trolley 2

7. Transport and insert the PBP into the scooter

Trolley 2

8. Make sure the battery is properly secured

Additional information

Weight 111 kg
Dimensions 200 × 70 × 131 cm

, ,

App Connected

Battery Type


Built-in Indicators

Charge Time

Dual Battery

Fast Charging

Front Light

Load Capacity


Motor Power


Seating Capacity

Top Range

Top Speed



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