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Silence S02 Business+


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The S02 Business consists of 2 models:

The 50cc 28mph version (Business) and the 52mph 125cc Version (Business +)

The “Business +” model is a 125cc equivalent (L3e) bike with a maximum power of 9kw and a limited speed of 56mph which comes with a 5.6kwh battery giving a claimed maximum range of 80 miles

The batteries weigh up to 40KG and have a unique integrated trolley based system that slides out under the bike as its removed. The battery would take between 6 to 8 hours to charge from flat

Silence S02 Business Delivery Bike

Designed for Businesses and Deliveries

The design of the bike is made to provide a platform for large delivery boxes up to a massive 350L so if a passenger seat is required, a seperate pad can be provided dependent on the top box. Alternatively a more traditional designed dual passenger seat can be taken as show in the pictures.

The S02 comes with ventilated CBS disc brakes on a 14″ front wheel and 13″ rear where the brushless hub motor resides.

Making Urban Deliveries Easier than Ever

ECO: In Eco mode the S02 achieves 40mph

CITY: Gives a speed of 50mph

SPORT: Gives it maximum speed of 56mph

Other features include a USB port, side and cente stand and an app to track the bike and its routes.

It benefits from the OZEV Grant providing 2 years of warranty on the bike and 3 years on the battery and all Silence bikes have 2 year AA Cover included as standard.

The bike also has a reverse gear for ease of use.

Silence S02 Business Delivery Man

How to Remove & Charge the Battery

Trolley 1

1. Open the seat using the APP, the key or squeezing both brake levers at the same time

Trolley 8 1

2. Pull the lever

Trolley 8 1

3. Remove the Power Battery Pack (PBP) with the handle folded in by pulling it ou

Trolley 4

4. Transport the PBP

Trolley 5

5. Connect the battery to any socket

Trolley 6

6. Once charged, unplug it

Trolley 2

7. Transport and insert the PBP into the scooter

Trolley 2

8. Make sure the battery is properly secured

Additional information

Weight 111 kg
Dimensions 200 × 70 × 131 cm

, ,

App Connected

Battery Type


Built-in Indicators

Charge Time

Dual Battery

Fast Charging

Front Light

Load Capacity

Motor Power


Seating Capacity

Top Range

Top Speed



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