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Silence S02 Urban

50cc Equivalent


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Looking for a high-quality electric 50cc alternative?

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The “Urban” model is a 50cc (28mph) equivalent (L1e) bike

with 1.5kw motor and comes with a 2kwh battery giving a claimed maximum range of 35 miles

The battery weighs about 27KG and have a unique integrated trolley based system that slides out under the bike as its removed. The battery would take between 6 to 8 hours to charge from flat

Silence S02 Urban Electric Scooter

Cutting-edge technology and design

Our starter model is a supremely practical e-moto scooter for both personal and business needs. Electric, agile, light and economical the S02 Urban comes with all the clever design conveniences and customisation choices of the other models. The ‘click and go’ trolley-style battery provides simple charging options and added security and gives up to 35miles of range on a full charge.

The design of the bike is made to provide a platform for large delivery boxes up to a massive 350L so if a passenger seat is required, a seperate pad can be provided dependent on the top box. Alternatively a more traditional designed dual passenger seat can be taken as show in the pictures.

Great for City Commuting

The S02 comes with ventilated CBS disc brakes on a 14″ front wheel and 13″ rear where the brushless hub motor resides. CBS is standard

ECO: In Eco mode the S02 achieves 20mph

CITY: Gives a speed of 28mph

The S02 also has a reverse gear

Other features include a USB port, side and cente stand and an app to track the bike and its routes.

It benefits from the OZEV Grant providing 2 years of warranty on the bike and 3 years on the battery and all Silence bikes have 2 year AA Cover included as standard.

Silence S02 Urban Headlight

How to Remove & Charge the Battery

Trolley 1

1. Open the seat using the APP, the key or squeezing both brake levers at the same time

Trolley 8 1

2. Pull the lever

Trolley 8 1

3. Remove the Power Battery Pack (PBP) with the handle folded in by pulling it ou

Trolley 4

4. Transport the PBP

Trolley 5

5. Connect the battery to any socket

Trolley 6

6. Once charged, unplug it

Trolley 2

7. Transport and insert the PBP into the scooter

Trolley 2

8. Make sure the battery is properly secured

Additional information

Weight 89 kg
Dimensions 200 × 70 × 131 cm

, ,

App Connected

Battery Type


Built-in Indicators

Charge Time

Dual Battery

Fast Charging

Front Light

Load Capacity


Motor Power

Seating Capacity

Top Range

Top Speed


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  1. Avatar Of Mary Ashley

    Mary Ashley

    This simple and reliable 50cc for my daughter was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you.

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