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The Benefits Of Step-Through Bikes

Muto Step Through E Bike

Are You looking for a new bicycle but not sure which design is best for you?

This blog takes a closer look at the benefits of the Step-Through bike.

Over the past 200 years, bicycle designs have changed dramatically. With various models being designed for specific types of riding. In addition to this, the age of electric transport has offered up even more advantages for riders.

Whether you’re looking for a bike to get around the city or looking for a more affordable commute, here’s why a step-through model may be the right choice for you.


Step-through bikes are bicycles with a low or absent top tube or cross-bar. This results in the user being able to mount the bike easily, without the need to step over the crossbar.

Not only do step-through bikes assist the rider in mounting and dismounting their bicycle, but the models also offer riders the most upright riding position, providing the user with a more comfortable riding experience.

Benefits Of A Step Through Electric Bike


There are many advantages and disadvantages to riding a step-through bike. However, it is worth noting that with the advance of Electric powered bicycles, there are far fewer issues to be found in choosing a step-through model.


As mentioned earlier, one of the main advantages of a step-through bike is the ease in which users can get on and off the bike. This makes step-through models ideal for those who have restricted mobility.

Pregnancy can make mounting a bike more difficult, so being able to simply step through to mount the bicycle enables women to still enjoy riding throughout their pregnancy.

Easy mounting also makes riding more accessible for the older generation, as they no longer need to struggle with lifting their legs over a traditional bike frame.


Many commuters enjoy riding to and from work but find that traditional bikes do not always work with their formal attire.

With the lack of crossbars, there’s no need to worry about clothing getting caught on the crossbar so you can cycle to work or college, without flashing fellow commuters or getting in a tangle.


Delivery workers are constantly mounting and dismounting their bicycles. Whether it’s to place a delivery or stopping in traffic. Step-through bikes make the working day more convenient for these users.

Getting on and off the bike is far quicker and easier than doing so on a traditional bike, saving delivery workers energy and time. Riders can simply jump on or off in no time at all.


It was often believed that without a crossbar, Step-through bikes were not as strong as traditional bicycles.

However as these models have grown in popularity, manufacturers have made significant changes to ensure that step-through bikes are as strong and durable as their cousins.

Step-through bikes are made from more durable materials and made to be slightly heavier, making them sturdy and safe to ride.

Ecomove Muto Stepthrough E Bicycle


Over the last 20 years, electric vehicles have become more and more popular, and electric bicycles are no exception.

Electric bicycles use electric motors to assist the rider in gaining speed and momentum, making riding even easier and more fun.

Electric step-through models deliver the same speeds as regular electric bikes, so you can experience these electric features whilst taking advantage of the comfort the step-through model delivers.


There are very few disadvantages to choosing a step-through bicycle. However many users have claimed that accessorising your bike can be quite tricky.

Without a crossbar, users no longer have a place to attach accessories such as water bottle holders and packs. However, as these models have grown more popular, manufacturers have made strides to specially design accessories for these specific models.


Step-through bikes are a fantastic choice for many riders. If you’re looking for convenience and comfort then these models would be ideal for you.

It’s also worth considering an electric Step-through bike, to experience speed and easier riding as well as comfort.


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