Mirider Pannier Bag

A basket or rack for those who’re serious about groceries or shopping or carrying a load on their electric bike.

sturdy, multi-functional carriers allow you to bring a wide variety of objects to your life. Combine it with bags, designed to fit perfectly our carriers.

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    MiRider Rear Luggage Rack


    Designed specifically for the MiRiDER One.

  • 58E3203A4E04Ae6E2Aade3Cc32158D4Cff60C919

    MiRider Bike Storage Bag


    Waterproof carry case that has been designed specifically for the MiRiDER One folding eBike

  • 5Dbf4B61C34E9C2Bfc536C0Bf53F4134F7Df1791

    XLMoto Bicycle Backpack


    The backpack sits securely and comfortably in place even at high speeds.

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