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    This bike is discontinued, please click here to see new model

    This bike has been discontinued.
    Click here for the new model: Tenways CGO 600 Pro

    Tenways CGO600 Pro Blue 2

    An Exceptional Experience

    Smooth Ride

    The powered ride is silky smooth and lightweight, and if you do decide to turn the power off, enjoy the CGO600 like a regular bike. With more options than ever before, this is modern urban commuting at its best.

    Tenways Smooth Ride
    Tenways Cgo600 Out Door Bike Ride

    Instant Power

    Kick-start your commute with an instant motor boost. Enjoy assistance that comes with no delay.

    Ultimate Fun

    The CGO600 senses your every move and matches your pace, amplifying the fun. Experience the freedom of assisted urban exploration.

    Tenways Electric Bike
    Brushless Hub Motor

    Brushless Hub Motor

    The 250W hub motor is stealthy, silent, and smooth. Hear no more than a slight hum at the max power.

    Gates Carbon Belt

    Gates Carbon Belt

    Durable, reliable, and never slips. The belt drive train offers 30,000km (18,600 miles) of care-free travel.

    Magnetic Torque Sensor

    Magnetic Torque Sensor

    Translate your every movement into motor power. A necessity on slopes, and luxury on flat roads.

    Quick Charge Battery

    Quick Charge Battery

    Elegantly hidden in the downtube, needing only 2.5 hours to fully charge.

    Hydraulic Disk Brakes

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    Reliable braking power. Reduced wear and tear.

    Ebike Display

    Concise Display

    Simple, stylish, and easy to read on the go, while still providing all the information you need.

    Connect with The TENWAYS App

    Your journey deserves a journal. Our App is available on both App Store and Google Play, to help you track your story.

    Appstore Tenways App
    Tenways App



    6061 Aluminium Frame


    Gates Carbon Belt


    700C Aluminium Rims

    Top Speed

    For Europe: 25km/h or 16mph*

    For US: 32km/h or 20mph*

    *The top speed is set in accordance with local regulations.


    Front Fork

    6061 Aluminium Front Fork


    CST Puncture-proof 700C-size Tires


    Hydraulic Disc Brakes


    Up to 70 km (43 miles) range*

    *Performance may differ with varying road conditions and rider’s weight.


    Gates Crankset

    Bottom Bracket

    Fully-Concealed Bottom Bracket


    15kg (33.1 lbs)



    Mivice M070 250W Rear Hub Motor


    36V, 7AH Lithium-ion battery with
    Samsung/LG/Panasonic cells


    Mivice S200 Torque Sensor


    Mivice C201 Controller


    Minimalistic OLED Display


    Tenways Bike Sizing
    Effective top tube A 568 578 591 603
    Seat tube length B 460 500 540 580
    Head tube C 140 140 140 140
    Steering angle D 71 71.5 72 72.5
    Seat tube angle E 74 73.5 73 73
    Chainstay F 440 440 440 440
    Wheelbase G 1083 1083 1083 1083
    Standover H 752 776 802 827

    What The Professionals Say


    What’s Inside The Box

    1422 1150X



    Tenways Tools


    Tenways Electrics

    Additional information


    , , , ,

    Frame Size



    Battery Type



    Wheel Size

    Top Speed

    Front Fork



    Top Range



    Pedal Assist


    Charge Time



    Motor Power



    Front Light

    Rear Light


    Kick Stand

    Built-in Indicators


    6 reviews for TENWAYS CGO 600

    1. Avatar Of Stuart Hunt

      Stuart Hunt

      After an initial tricky build , this Bike is absolutely brilliant, in the buying process the support team were fantastic , keeping me informed of delays importing to the UK. 1st couple of rides was impressed with the assist from the motor, My only bugbear is the EU get there bikes restricted to 16MPH. I can see why with regulations regarding Tax aRead more about review stating Mr Stuart Huntnd insurance if the bikes go any quicker.

      Overall highly recommended to anyone considering an E bike purchase awesome bit of kit.

      Colour: Sky Blue, Frame Size: M 165 ~ 180 cm (5'4 ~ 5'9) x 1
    2. Avatar Of Ken


      Really happy with this bike which replaced my 20 year old Giant MTB. Love the smooth and silent action of the carbon belt. The gearing is perfect for around 25 km/h on a flat road without any motor assist. The motor helps (and pretty much essential) for headwinds and any hills. Using the assistance when moving off from a stop gives remarkable acceRead more about review stating Great smooth ride on this stealth eBikeleration. Not having any suspension takes a little getting used to but for the light weight and great design I’m happy to handle this. An integrated rear light would have been a smart addition. I’m more likely to want to use the rear light during all rides for safety vs the front light which is only needed at night.

      Colour: Sky Blue, Frame Size: M 165 ~ 180 cm (5'4 ~ 5'9) x 1
    3. Avatar Of Lukasz


      I wanted to wait to write my review because I didn’t want to prasie Tenways to fast. But now, after 1000km I can say it’s one od the jest purchases I’ve ever made. The support is seamless and very responsive. Any headwind or hill (or both;)) is not only easy to deal with but also fun! Bike also drives really well with 0 support. Just a blast all aRead more about review stating Outstanding!round and easy 5/5 for me.

      Colour: Light Grey, Frame Size: M 165 ~ 180 cm (5'4 ~ 5'9) x 1
    4. Avatar Of Thsalomon


      I was very excited to go on my first ride! It was awesome! It’s a total new feeling for me since it’s my first ebike at all. I don’t know why I waited so long for this.
      I ordered on Monday and received it 5 days later – so the delivery time is very fast! Assembly also worked quite easy! Only still waiting for my accessories, which is late due Read more about review stating First ebike, best choice everto covid issues in china. What I have to say is that the first thing I had to buy was a saddle since the original one from ten ways is extremely uncomfortable. I was not able to sit without pain for a couple of days after my first ride. I changed it now its fine. Unfortunately I was also kind of disappointed that my bike has already very deep scratches on the frame. BUT the service of ten ways is brilliant, since they offered me some paint to correct it.

      Highly recommend the ebike! Very good service and great feeling

      Colour: Midnight Black, Frame Size: M 165 ~ 180 cm (5'4 ~ 5'9) x 1
    5. Avatar Of Andre P.

      Andre P.

      the support from the motor is really smooth, you hardly notice that it is an electric bike, except that pedaling is easier than a non motorized bike.
      also the weight is really low, in most cases it is 10 kg lighter or even more more compared to other electric bikes,
      I estimate that it is only 3..4 kg heavier than my previous non motorizedRead more about review stating nice bike, looks good and very smooth pedal assist bike which was also fairly light and equipped with 27 gear positions.
      for commuting / driving in the city, the battery range should be more than sufficient and charging does not take a lot of time.

      I wanted to elevate the handlebar, which is possible, but limited because the length of the hydraulic brake lines are fairly short.
      but it is elevated enough for me now, and I really enjoy driving the bike.

      I have only driven ~40 km so far as I just got it but I like it a lot.
      I have to agree with all the reviews, the support from the motor is really smooth. you NEVER feel the engine kick in like I have experienced on other bikes.

      also the order process was fast.
      I ordered the bike on Saturday, and it was delivered on Tuesday.
      I hear from other people who have to wait for several months before they can collect it at local shops.

      assembly was easy, you don’t need an engineering degree to do that 🙂
      I got the free mudguards and kickstand, which makes it an even better deal !

      Colour: Light Grey, Frame Size: M 165 ~ 180 cm (5'4 ~ 5'9) x 1
    6. Avatar Of Karel R.

      Karel R.

      Smooth pedal assistance. Beautiful design, sporty look, lightweight, carbon belt drive, hydronic brakes. You get a lot of e-bike for the price!

      Colour: Arctic Blue, Frame Size: M 165 ~ 180 cm (5'4 ~ 5'9) x 1
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