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Terra Aidon X3


As part of the new Fizik range of short-nosed saddles, the Aidon is specifically designed for use with full-suspension E-MTBs. The shorter shape puts riders in a more planted position, making for greater stability, confidence and control when riding a heaver pedal-assisted bike.

A gradual transition from nose to side wings allows smooth fore and aft position changes while guiding the bike. The waved kick tail provides lower-back support to help riders hold their position while tackling technical climbs as well as giving greater control during the electric kick of assistance.

Once you’ve conquered the climbs and you head downhill with your dropper post lowered, the saddle becomes a control device. The Terra Aidon’s rounded contours allow smooth and fast movement of your legs around the saddle to help you stay on course.

Since more time is spent in a seated position on an E-MTB than during traditional riding, the Terra Aidon features a specific ergonomic cut-out, designed to relieve pressure on sensitive areas. A rubber layer at the bottom of the cut-out functions as a mud flap, blocking unwanted dirt and spray from the trails. Additionally, to increase comfort, the Terra Aidon is padded with a proprietary Type-2 foam that’s thicker around the ischial sit bones are to support a more upright riding posture, as well as on the sides for better manoeuvrability and comfort while pedalling at a high cadence.

For pedal-assisted all-mountain use, the Terra Aidon has been engineered with a compliant shell to offer a higher level of flexibility. The controlled elasticity absorbs vibrations for increased comfort. To better support the Terra Aidon’s flexible shell, fizik use a closed-loop Mobius rail system for increased structural stability and responsiveness.

Main features

  • Aidon shaping – short-nosed cushioned saddle designed for pedal-assisted bikes.
  • X3 shell – compliant ride compliant fibre reinforced nylon shell and a kium rail system.
  • X3 mobius rail – closed loop kium rail design for added strength and weight distribution.
  • Wingflex – The shell’s side edges flex and adapt to a rider’s inner leg movement.
  • Type 2 foam – Progressive cushioning with a lower compression modulus.


Size 145mm

  • Length 255mm
  • Width 145mm
  • Height at 75mm width: 51mm
  • length from nose to 75mm: 125mm
  • Weight 249g
  • Rail: 7mm x 7mm

Size 160mm

  • Length 255mm
  • Width 160mm
  • Height at 75mm width: 51mm
  • length from nose to 75mm: 120mm
  • Weight 259g
  • Rail: 7mm x 7mm

Rail Type



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