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UK’s New, Fully Sustainable, Lithium-ion Battery Collection & Recycling Company Officially Launches!

Recover, the first company to provide a green lithium-ion battery collection and recycling service within the UK has now launched. 

Recover, the first company to provide a green lithium-ion battery collection and recycling service within the UK has now launched. 

The company specialises in the recovery of lithium-ion batteries and provides businesses with a safe and fully sustainable recycling solution for their portable batteries. Unlike existing solutions that ship waste abroad or add to landfills, Recover recycles 100% of the batteries collected and does so locally, here in the UK.

John Dorman, Director of Recover says “By taking the responsibility of the disposal of your lithium-ion batteries, you are helping reduce Co2 emissions as well as reducing the waste in our landfills.”

Recover is providing companies with a comprehensive service which includes the carrying out of site inspections as needed and the use of UN approved barrels. Recover transports the units safely to a local recycling plant here in the UK. The batteries are then recycled and materials repurposed. 

The company sets out to educate and significantly reduce the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries, to make storing and transporting the units safer for those dealing with them. 

Based in Newport, Wales, Recover is recycling batteries within the south west of England, with plans in place to deliver its service to the entire UK. Their current customers include scooter rental companies, laptop and mobile phone recyclers and local council recycling centres, for whom lithium-ion batteries are a common issue. 

Recover will also be using its latest investment to release a unique online platform that allows users to track the progress of their collection, and get real time updates on the impact that their recycling efforts are having on the environment, another UK first.

The company hopes that by offering sustainable collections and UK recycling, they can convince more businesses to get on board and recycle safely.

Businesses can sign up to recover today by visiting https://eco-recycle.co.uk/ 


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