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About Weezy

Weezy is a grocery delivery service that allows customers to shop at their local stores and get fast, sustainable and affordable deliveries in minutes.

Using the Weezy App, customers can browse a wide range of products from their local grocery stores and handpick the items they wish to buy. A dedicated Weezy Rider then collects your items and delivers them straight to your door within minutes.

Customers can discover fresh produce, and shop household favourites from local suppliers and support local businesses, at their own convenience.


  • To provide customers with fast deliveries
  • To encourage customers to shop locally
  • To reduce Carbon Emissions with Eco, Sustainable deliveries

The Industry

Grocery delivery has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with all major grocery stores now offering home delivery. This demand has increased even further due to the pandemic and now more than ever, people want their shopping delivered quickly and affordable.

Unique to Weezy, is its approach to delivery. Not only is it concerned with getting customers their groceries quickly, it’s also an environmentally conscious company that wants to reduce the impact these deliveries have on the environment.

Instead of relying on delivery riders and drivers to use their cars, it has set out to ensure that eco-friendly electric alternatives are provided to its workers and that’s where we came in.

Weezy’s Challenges

After launching in 2020, Weezy was faced with the issue of finding a Nation-Wide bike supplier to equip their delivery fleet. They were also facing the challenge of finding the right set of wheels to suit the Bristol terrain.

They also needed to choose a bike that was reliable and robust whilst being easy to ride and suited to a variety of riders.

In order to ensure that they were able to carry out deliveries without any disruption, Weezy also required a servicing, repair and maintenance service that could handle any issues that their riders may face on the road.

Weezy Riders
Muto 45 Piano Black Without Accessories

Our Solutions

After meeting with Weezy, EcoMove began by leasing a few Muto Electric Bikes on a trial basis and after great success went on to provide a long-term lease of 10 electric Bikes.

The Muto does not only provide riders with a fantastic range but is well suited to all riders. The robust frame makes it perfect for city riding and with 7 pedal assist options, it makes easy work of Bristol hills.

During this lease period, we also provided Weezy with ongoing servicing and maintenance of their fleet, ensuring that their riders always remained on the road and ready to deliver.


EcoMove was able to deliver a solid, reliable, and affordable interim solution to Weezy while they sourced a Nation Wide solution.
At EcoMove, we have gone on to support similar businesses with electric fleets and delivery bikes.

Thank You Ecomove

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