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Yuba Woof Top – Dog Cargo Carrier


Take your pet for a ride!

The dog-friendly Add-On

Take your dog anywhere on your bike with the WoofTop!
Much safer and more comfortable for your dog than a basket or box on the front of the bike, the WoofTop is the first accessory designed entirely around the needs of transporting dogs on cargo bikes. Adaptable according to size, the WoofTop offers 2 lengths for small & big!


  • Removable, waterproof top for protection from the elements
  • Rigid, comfortable structure
  • Underwire system to secure your dog
  • Adaptable: two sizes to suit the length of the rack and the size of your dog


All longtails models, maximum recommended size corresponds to a Labrador.

Size Guide
Small dog: compact & longtail (KombiKombi E5Mundo EP8/LuxSpicy Curry)
Medium & Large dogs: longtail (Mundo EP8/LuxSpicy Curry)

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    Yuba Woof Top – Dog Cargo Carrier